Garage door installation is best left to the experts. For most people, their garage door is the largest moving object in the house. Since garage doors are bulky and very heavy, it is difficult for someone to take on this task alone. Not only are the doors incredibly difficult to lift, but install one wrong and it could very possibly come crashing down with dangerous force. Leave your garage door installation to the experts. We also handle maintenance and repair!

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Trust an Expert for Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation comes with many hazards. The garage door springs that help the doors open are under great pressure and can release enough power to severely wound or kill someone. A specific set of tools and training are required when dealing with these springs.

There are any number of other tasks around your home that are perfect for the weekend warrior, but garage door installation is not one of them. You want to ensure it is installed correctly, functioning safely and smoothly, and you want it up right the first time.

John was on time, knowledgeable and very friendly. Always wonderful to have the trifecta when dealing with a contractor.
Lou Riker
“Just wanted to let you know the installers, John-Michael and Mark, who installed the garage door opener for me on Nov. 23, were extremely polite and professional. They did an excellent job.”
“ Wow! The service from start to finish was fantastic. Lisa, your persistence in getting a hold of me and setting up the appointment was extremely professional and quite refreshing. The two technicians who came to do the installation were courteous, professional, and attentive to details. Thank you so much!" Maggie Donnelly