When the Georgia Superior Overhead Door technician arrives the first thing they will do is perform an 18 point safety check to evaluate all working and nonworking parts.  From here they will identify if a simple repair can provide an adequate solution or if a complete overhaul  is necessary.

  1. Slow Response time- If your garage door does not respond in a timely manner to commands it may indicate that there is something wrong with your door or the opener.
  2. Sagging Garage Door- If your garage door does not seem to move at a consistant speed when opening or closing it could be a sign that there is a problem with the tension spring.
  3. Noisy Operation- If your garage door is incredibly loud, particularly if it is making creaking sounds it may indicate a problem with your spring or the opener bracket.
  4. The Door Slips Off the Tracks- If the garage door does not ride in tracks for the entirety of the opening/closing process it is not operating correctly and could cause more problems down the line.

For most people the answer is no. Over 20,000 people are injured every year trying to repair their own garage door. You’re dealing with a 160 lb door suspended 8 ft above the ground which by itself can be frightening. Add in the extra concerns of electrical shock, a snapping door spring, or causing more damage to your system and it is clear to see that it is best to let our experts assist you with this home improvement.

Often, all components of a garage door will be installed at the same time and rated for a similar amount of time. When one part fails it can be tempting to simply replace the lone part as it will be the quickest and least expensive option. However, failure of one component in a garage door system is often indicative of more failures in the very near future as all of the pieces have undergone similar wear and tear.

A full overhaul at the first sign of failure will almost always be more cost and time efficient in the long run.

John was on time, knowledgeable and very friendly. Always wonderful to have the trifecta when dealing with a contractor.
Lou Riker
“Just wanted to let you know the installers, John-Michael and Mark, who installed the garage door opener for me on Nov. 23, were extremely polite and professional. They did an excellent job.”
“ Wow! The service from start to finish was fantastic. Lisa, your persistence in getting a hold of me and setting up the appointment was extremely professional and quite refreshing. The two technicians who came to do the installation were courteous, professional, and attentive to details. Thank you so much!" Maggie Donnelly